Frugal Living Tips: Saving Cash At Target

I’ve been calling Target “my boyfriend” for about as long as I can remember* – Target has freakin’ everything and the aisle are so long and clean and I’m getting all verklempt just THINKING about the Bullseye store. Target has that effect on me. Especially since I have a SuperTarget which = saving tons of cash on groceries IF I can manage to avoid buying all those extra things I don’t really need (but am altogether certain that I do). So how do you save cash at Target? The prices are already low, the quality of even their generic brand is excellent, and they’re well, MY BOYFRIEND.

Here are some tips for saving cash at Target:

1) Saving Money At Target: End-caps = your BFF. Not your boyfriend – I have dibs. Not the pretty shiny end-caps that are all BUY THIS AWESOME PRODUCT THAT LOOKS LIKE IT’S ON SALE, but the ones that are semi-scattered throughout the store. I know at my Target, a lot of the home goods sale end-caps are actively hidden in the back of the furniture. Take some time, see where Target staff puts their clearance end-caps and shop those. Sometimes, you can find amazing treasures.

2) Saving Money At Target: Ignore the Signs. The clearance end-caps at Target can be misleading. When you see an end-cap marked at 10% off, you may choose to walk on by – not a tremendous savings, right? Check the prices. Be that annoying person blocking the end-cap if you must – there are often things marked down even higher than what the sign says.

3) Saving Money At Target: Debit RedCard. I’m no fan of credit cards, because, well, I’m starting over, and the very last thing I need are credit card bills piling up. I’ve switched to a cash-only system, which seems to be okay – if I have no money, I do not buy anything. Target now offers an alternative to their store credit card – the RedCard Debit Card, which gives you an extra 5% off your purchases that’s taken directly from your bank account. Pretty nifty.

4) Saving Money At Target: Markdown Schedule. If you’re at Target as much as I am (remember: that’s where I do my grocery shopping), you get to know some of the employees. When that happens, just ask them about their markdown schedule, as it varies store by store. Generally speaking, Target marks down the clearance merchandise every two (or so) weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for bargains. According to numerous sources, the Target Markdown Schedule goes something like this:

Monday: Children’s clothing, baby items, electronics, and office supplies/gift wrap/stationery.
Tuesday: Women’s clothing, home decor and domestic items
Wednesday: Men’s clothing, toys, food, health and beauty, garden items
Thursday: Housewares, lingerie, shoes, sporting goods, luggage
Friday: Cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, automotive, and home improvement

5) Saving Money At Target: Read Those Clearance Stickers. It took me months to understand this, so I made you a purdy picture to illustrate my point:

saving money at target

Here you can see that I bought a picture frame (gotta get more pictures to make my new apartment feel like home) for 70% off – that’s the number in the top right corner.

Always read the end number on the clearance sticker. The number at the end of the clearance sticker says 6, which means that this picture frame will be marked down again – providing there are any more in stock at the end of this particular sale. Once the number at the end of the red Target clearance sticker reads, “4” you can safely know that the item will not be marked down further. 4 is, apparently, the loneliest number.

6) Saving Money At Target: Bring Your Own Bag – while it’s not a ton of money to be saved (between 5 and 10 cents a bag) those pennies can add up pretty quickly if you bring your own shopping bag. Plus, it’s way greener to shop that way.

7) Saving Money At Target: Price Matching – this one requires a bit of homework, but it’s doable. Target will match any current and local competitors ad for a product that you see cheaper somewhere else.

8) Saving Money At Target: coupons – if you’re into couponing, has loads of coupons you can easily print from their website AND use in conjunction with any manufacturer’s coupons. It’s a great way to save some cash.


*I will fight you for Target. MY BOYFRIEND. NOT YOURS. Okay, we can share. But you have to buy me a diet Coke first.

What are some other ways you know to save money at Target?
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27 thoughts on “Frugal Living Tips: Saving Cash At Target

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  2. I totally use coupons at target! You can even use them on clearance items too, if you're lucky to find something on clearance that you have a coupon for.
    Oh! The debit card is the shit! Save 5% just for showing up? I'm all over that.
    I save an average of $50 everytime shop there- between ccoupons and the discount. I try to be the target queen. Go get em Becky!

  3. Great tips. Target Redcard plus store coupons plus manufacturer’s coupons….well, let’s just say, it saves more than enough to grab a Starbuck’s while I’m there.

  4. There’s something about “Stacking(?)” coupons and gift cards

    For instance, when there’s a buy this and get $5 target gift card, buy that item (with a coupon of course) with cash and then use the gift cards you get from that to pay for the next order. This has to be done in multiple orders.

    Also thanks for the helpful code number. Who knew that 6 meant more money off to come?!

    • If you notice some say Target web coupon, and are not manufacturers, then there are some that are manufacture but have the Target bulls-eye on the coupon, the web coupons that do not state manufacture can be stacked with a manufacture coupon, but the ones that simply have the bulls-eye but are manufacture coupons can’t be stacked hope my tired brain didn’t make it more confusing.

  5. I love, love, love Target. I work at Lowe’s and we share a parking lot with Target.. I am there 5 days a week.. It’s kinda sad.
    I got the Red Card Debit card because it ends up saving so much over time. My only problem with it, is that it doesn’t come out of your checking acct. immediately. It can take a day or so. (which is the reason I don’t use checks) So just keep that in mind

  6. Target? Good shit. They have beautiful collaberations with hot designers, their “store brand” products are really good, and they send coupons & sale alerts to your phone. I forget how to get signed up for that shit, though, because I am not organized.

    • Our local Publix has these on clearance so I pckeid up quite a few and made some change off of them.Alexia Potato Bites 2/$3.59 (Reg $3.59 each)- $1 off any Alexia Frozen Product-$1.25/1 Alexia Foods-$1 off Alexia frozen potatoes or onion rings Target CouponA $.45 Money Maker for each box when you stack the MQ & TQ!!!

  7. I have the Target Red Card, I use my own shopping bags, I stack mfr and store coupons, and I pay for $5 gift card purchase at the pharmacy, then use the GCs on my regular purchase. I scour the endcaps.

    I’ll have you know, Aunt Becky, that Target may be your boyfriend, but Target’s my bitch! :)

    • Shitballs – I forgot about the Target Pharmacy Rewards – sign up and for every 5 scrips you fill, they’ll mail you a 5% discount card you can use combined with the Red Card 5%, clearance, sale, coupons, etc. My son gets 2 scrips a month and I get one, so I get a discount card about every 6 weeks.

      Take THAT Target!

  8. I was trepidatious about the RedCard because how do they benefit, but if all of y’all are using it it must be beneficial. And I have to go there tomorrow so, hello RedCard.

    • I love Target coupons, but they keep sending you back to their coupon page and adding NEW coupons. I’m having trouble keeping track of what I’ve printed. I don’t want to print too many, since it’s unlikely I’ll buy enough to justify the coupons, but holy cow. That’s a whole lotta coupons!! (LOL! Listen to me complain that I’m receiving too much.)

  9. this is wrong. i work at target. the number you are pointing to aboutthe markdowns is actually called the dpci. this is target's version of the upc number. this is not an indication if how much it Erik be marked further.

    • Just did this deal and stacked it with the promotion they are running on diapers. I was able to get 3 of the big boxes of Pampers diapers. After coupons I paid $40.41, and since they were running a $10.00GC promotion on the diapers and I had my spend 50 get 10GC coupon, I have $20.00 in target GC for my next purchase. So it was like I got 3 big boxes of diapers for $20.00!!!!

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  12. You have the arrow pointed to the wrong number!! The arrow you have “will be marked down again” is the DPCI number. This number will not change. Ever. The number you want to look at is the last number in the “price now” price. What you will pay for the item. In this case 3.88. Once the eight at the end of the number changes to a four then it will not be marked down again. In most cases go salvage. As in we throw it away or donate it to the Salvation Army. Thought you should know:) I’m a manager at target:)

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