Life On The Frugal Side: Music Discounts

I’m a music lover y’all.

Some might even call me a music addict, but that’s okay. I find music to be therapeutic, so of all the vices I could have I think I’ve chosen wisely. These days music does not come cheap, which kind of takes the wind out of your music buying sail. It’s hard to justify spending money on a want instead of a need, especially for new music that you aren’t even sure if you’ll like. But I have ideas, hints, tips, whatever you want to call them, to help you in your pursuit of music.

First of all, if you have a favorite band and you’re not on their mailing list then you need to log on to their official band site right now and fix that. Not only will you be showing that band that you support their work, but a lot of bands will email out exclusive deals and song downloads to thank you for that support. It’s a great way to keep in touch with musicians you know you enjoy.

If there are several bands on the same music label, see if the label has a mailing list. Many labels and studios will offer discounts, free song downloads, and music swag give aways. They do this because they want you to stay loyal to their artists, and you get to benefit from that. This is also a great way to hear new music from a label that already produces a band you like.

Concert sales venuesare constantly giving away free tickets to help promote themselves and the bands that come through. Your chances of winning aren’t always great, but you won’t win a thing if you don’t even try.

Online concerts are all the new rage.

Sounds strange I know, but just imagine watching your favorite artist perform live on your computer while you’re sitting on your couch (pants optional). Not only is the performance more intimate, but the artist can perform from home or the road. It’s a great way to hear music you love from artists who really want to connect with their fans. Stageit is my personal favorite, as most artists let you pay what you want but allow you to tip the artist during the show if you like what you hear.

Package deals are the best. The latest artist trend is to offer a package dealincluding anything from a show, a shirt, music, posters, and more. If you know you want band swag along with your concert, check the package deals first to see if you can save a little cash by purchasing them together.

See local bands. You should support your local artists anyway, but often the local bands will perform at free festivals throughout the summer, or for a lower price at a neighborhood bar. Local bands also tend to line up other smaller up and coming bands as their opening acts, so you get a sneak peak at new music that you otherwise might not have heard.

Use social media to follow your favorite bands, or to check out music of new bands. On Facebook and MySpace you can listen to whole songs to determine if you like what they have to offer. On Twitter, bands often shout out about deals they have going on, and free song downloads you can snag.

Bandcamp and Soundcloud let you listen to songs, and often have the songs for purchase at a discount from other download vendors. These are just a few examples of social media allowing you to check out new music before spending money on a gamble.

Now that you’ve heard all these (hopefully) great ideas for getting your music groove on, it’s time to remind you to be responsible. Never download music illegally.

music discounts

Not only is it bad karma, but it hurts all the work that musicians put in to making music for you.

Never sneak into a concert without a ticket. The same rule applies: bad karma and it’s stealing from the artist. If you want the artist to continue making music, then you need to pay them for their work. That’s the difference between finding a great deal and stealing.

Don’t ever forget that.


Dawnie can be found wandering the internet looking for ways to get that damn song out of her head. You know the one. She throws out snarky one liners on Twitter and writes dribble at The Dawnie Project. Her claim to fame is being followed by Little Debbie Snack cakes, and eHarmony once laughed at her via tweet.
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5 thoughts on “Life On The Frugal Side: Music Discounts

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  2. Spotify is great for free, legal music! You can pick your tracks, but do have to listen to ads. Plus, they have an app thing that works with, although I’m not sure I fully understand all that! And of course, Pandora! You don’t get to pick tracks, but it’s great for finding new artists. Plus, if you follow Amazon MP3 on facebook and twitter, they’ll throw free money at you to use on Amazon MP3’s!

    • Hey Kat,
      I haven’t done all my research on sites like spotify, pandora, or groove shark, but I’ve heard from folks in the music industry that musicians do not get paid for their music to stream there. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to music on those sites. I’m just saying I’m wary of them until I can learn more about them. If you use them, I recommend using the free version (with the ads) and not paying for the full version (ad free) especially if the artist isn’t benefiting from the fees. Thanks for the extra info for readers!

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