Life On The Frugal Side: Take A Vacation

After what has been possibly the worst summer I’ve had since I can recall, there have been days – so many days – that I’ve just wanted to run away, join the circus, change my name – ANYTHING – to stop feeling how I’ve been feeling.

But I’ve learned through the years that your problems, well, they follow you wherever you go, so rather than run like hell, I’m going to stay in one place and begin the arduous process of saving up, penny by penny, enough money so that when this is all said and done (and assuming I can pay rent), I can realize my dream and go far, far away, only to come home happier, tanner, and awesomer.

Hopefully, Pranksters, with YOU! (yes you).

It’d be so rad to be able to relax beside the pool, sipping watered-down pina coladas together, wouldn’t it?

Alas, I digress.

Every person who’s bothered to sit down and make a budget has reminded me – a total budget-virgin – that it is ALWAYS important to budget in some “fun money” for each month. Doesn’t have to be a lot, just a couple of bucks, which you can use to go see a movie, or go to a show, or buy a ridiculous shirt because it makes you happy because it’s important to feel like you can go out and get a drink or whatever it is that brings you your happy.

So until I can afford to actually go on vacation, I’m going to sign up for Travelzoo deals (just an email address thing – not like a paid subscription thingy or anything) so I can have that reminder, that thing to work toward, so that I can realize that I am working hard so that one day, I’ll be able to play hard, too.

It’ll be a nice reminder during those dark winter months that there is always – always – a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll meet you in Cabo, Pranksters. I’ll be the one in the bedazzled bikini.


What do you like to budget your “fun money” for? Do you save for vacations or do you use it each month for various and sundry fun stuffs?

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7 thoughts on “Life On The Frugal Side: Take A Vacation

  1. You can come take a cheap mini vavation down in Indy. I have a guest room and wine yo.
    All my vacations are to visit people. That way I get to see my friends and stay for free in their homes,

  2. Vacation? What’s that? We haven’t had one in years. I get emails from — my daily travel porn. I keep dreaming that one day they will offer a $100 cruise leaving from the port 1 hour away and I’ll be forced to skip school/work/life and climb aboard. Travel porn is good.

  3. We go out to eat once a week as a family, or do some other family fun activity that is undoubtedly over-priced. We can’t really afford it, but we have some of the best family memories this way, so. . .

  4. I was lucky enough to live in San Diego, when I was single and broke (now I’m in a relationship and I’m still pretty broke, but thankfully, I’m the only one!), so I’d do pretty close to free things (like cost of gas only) like go to local landmarks and the beach and stuff. Of course the fact that I lived as a single person in San Diego w/out a roommate was a large reason I was so broke, but it was totally worth it! Now, I live in a house with a nice pool, so I just go in the pool and pretend like I’m on vacation.

  5. I splurge on completely and utterly random stuff. Sometimes shoes, sometimes food, sometimes clothes for me or clothes for the kids. We’ve got some bills we are paying down (and nearly done, I think — YAY!), but once that is done, I’d like to save up for a REAL vacation. Once upon a time, we went to Monterey, California, and it was awesome (it also helped that a good chunk of the trip was covered because I was working and my daughter was young enough to sit in my lap on the airplane and eat for free at the conference site). Now I’d love to go back and enjoy (and not be working).

    Also, I want to save up and have someone redo our upstairs bathroom. It is bad and gross.

    But we still have one more year of preschool payments. 12 payments exactly. Not that I’m counting or anything :)

  6. I splurge on wanky healthy boutique-y stuff. At the moment, I am trying to pull myself back from spending… $800 on a high-speed blender! Because then I could make my own peanut butter! See where I’m going with this? I love my veggies and being healthy IS actually a money saver in the long run, but when it comes to some things I can’t help but be just a little bit gullible. It’s my birthday in a few days and I am gunning for a Yonanas blender, so I can make ice cream from just fruit. I heard they’re big in the US.

    Very nice new blog Aunty Becky! I love your writing style from your other blogs, and this makes such a change from usual boring ‘frugal’ blogs. I have only one request: (putting on Alice in Wonderland voice) ‘…But where are the pictures?’ I’m guessing it’s pretty hard to top your housewife-with-a-chainsaw photo shoot. I remember almost spitting out my coffee when I first saw that! Par excellence, as they say. Keep it up!

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