How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

I like to indulge in little luxuries every now and then. Some fancy-pants coffee, a $30 scented candle, or something equally rad, yet non-essential. Sadly, I cannot afford to bathe in champagne (which is probably good, because, STICKY), but with a little thought and care, I can indulge in something special now and then. I’m used to living a champagne life on a beer budget. This is how I do it.

Here’s how I live a champagne life on a beer budget.

How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget: Coffee. I don’t go to Starbucks. Why? Isn’t hating Starbucks Anti-American? Nah. I kinda think Starbucks brews coffee too bold, bitter, and tastes like burning. I brew my coffee at home, using my preferred blend (everyone’s got one, right?), throw in some half and half, and I’m one happy girl. That’s an easy six bucks a cup saved right there, plus I’m not adding to the landfill with all those paper cups.

How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget: Scented Candles. I totally dig the atmosphere that scented candles add to my home. There’s something about the flickering light, the delightful aromas, the relaxation and stuff, but I can’t afford $30 candles. What I did find that I can afford is a warmer from WalMart ($3), a package of 100 tealights ($4), and the $2/pack wax cubes to go in the top. Those cubes last for days, and the package of tealights lasts for weeks. I get all the benefits of the luxuries of scented candles without the expense (or mess).

How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget: Bubble Baths. I love a good bubble bath. No, I’m not an old-ass woman, don’t get me wrong. Problem is, I can’t afford $15 (or more) for a small bottle of bubbles that smell oh-so-good. So I wait until one of those bath stores has their sale where they’re clearing out the bottles of discontinued scents, or a holiday sale, and I stock up. You can score some fabulous and spendy lotions, creams, bubble baths, body sprays, and other sundries — without the spendy total.

How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget: Consignment Stores. I can’t say enough awesome stuff about consignment stores. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City reference!) paid $398 bucks for a pair for her Manolos? Those were the good old days. These days, you can’t find Manolos for that price. We’re talking $800 or more. My underemployed ass certainly can’t afford that. Or can I? You would be shocked at what people consign. Unworn designer clothes with the four-figure price tags still attached. Shoes and boots that don’t look like they’ve ever been worn, or worn for one night. I’ve gotten leather Manolo sandals, snakeskin Dolce & Gabbana pumps, and leather Moschino mules for around the same price Dillard’s and Macy’s get for Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson man-made patent shoes. I once got a brand-spanking new pair of Ferragamo loafers for under $10. Don’t let the ick factor deter you. Those brand-new Madden pumps have been on somebody’s foot before, when a woman tried them on. Same goes for clothes. Women try on clothes and then don’t buy them. How is that any grosser than buying a professionally-cleaned designer garment in a consignment store?

I frackin’ love this site:

How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget: Smoothies. Sunshine and I make our own smoothies instead of spending chain-smoothie prices for them. This is rad because it actually saves me money on skincare, because I know there are no ingredients in them that will break me out (damned allergies). The added benefit is that we snack on the fresh fruits instead of buying cookies and shit, so we’re theoretically healthier.

Being healthy? That’s also living the good life.

This site can offer some amazing deals:

How do you afford the champagne life on a beer budget? What luxuries do you indulge in (on the cheap?)
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6 thoughts on “How To: Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

  1. Very interesting post. I never imagined that we are wasting so much money by living the way we do. All of your tips are genius and true. It's saving money as well as healthy life. Very useful information for all of us. Thanks.

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