Giveaway: The Drinking Diaries

In an odd twist of fate, I was asked what feels like sixty million years ago, to submit an essay for a real, live book. Me. In a book. A book called The Drinking Diaries.

(if you don’t have I’m On A Boat in your head, you’re dead inside)

(here, let me help)

Ah, now I feel better. The best thing about earworms is sharing them.

Anyway. Me. In a book. Woah.

I’d long thought I’d be a writer with a book of my very own and everything, but the market tanked and well, I’m still a blogger. Don’t get me wrong – I love blogging – it’s just a dream I’d all but given up on. Until now.

And because my friends who’d put out the book are FULL of the awesome, they’re offering to give away a copy of The Drinking Diaries, which, I’m going to tell you, has some of the awesomest essays ever (mine not included, although I’m quite proud of it).

If you’d like to win a copy of The Drinking Diaries – in a REAL BOOK – boy do I have something for you! A copy to give away!

If you’d like to win a copy of The Drinking Diaries, you may do the following to enter the contest, which will last until next Friday, November 9 (please leave a comment documenting each of the things you’ve done to enter)

  1. First, leave me a comment telling me something hilarious or awesome.
  2. Use The Twitter to mention this site:
  3. Become my Facebook BFF
  4. Subscribe to this site
  5. Leave an additional comment suggesting things you’d like me to both research and write about for this site (or my regular blog, Mommy Wants Vodka)

Easy, peasy.

Let’s get this party started!

*blows streamers*

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19 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Drinking Diaries

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  2. If I buy a copy will you get a cut of the profit? I'd much rather read an awesome book AND know my Becks is getting paid!

  3. The highlight of my week will be tearing into a HUGE serving of mac & cheese tonight… and I can’t decide if that’s hilarious or sad or possibly both?

  4. And… I can’t figure out how to subscribe. When I click o the RSS feed, it wants me to download something. I feel sure this is a stupid work Mac issue. In any case, I follow you on FB and Twitter, hence me knowing where this is to start with. Oooooo!

  5. OK Sweet Thang, I’m subscribed, loving you on FB and already get MWV. I don’t know how to tweet except like a bird so I’ve done all I can do. Oh I am also sharing your stuff on my time line. hope it helps.

  6. We’re Already FBBFFs and here’s your something awesome:

    “A doctor from France invented a clawed forceps to pinch a corpse’s nipples to make sure it was dead, preventing premature burial.”

    ___The Order of the Good Death
    October 26

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