Frugal Living Tips: Girl’s Night Out – On The Cheap

Just because you’re pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a girls night out. It just means you must save for it, or find a way to have girls night out for less. The key to a great night out with your BFF’s is checking out the best deals, and taking advantage of them at the right time.

Group Rates are always a great way to save, especially if your group is at least four or more. Each location will have different definitions of group size, but generally the minimum is four to receive the group discounts. Call ahead and check out what the minimum number and discount is before hitting it up.

Timing is everything when it comes to pricing. Plan your girls night out when the prices will be at the lowest. Avoid high tourist season and holiday season. Generally the spring and fall are the slow seasons which means that restaurants and venues are willing to haggle prices or offer better discounts. Fewer tourists means slower business, so they tend to offer better rates to bring people in.

Do you and your gal pals love sweet treats? Forget bar hopping, and go bakery hopping. The latest trend sweeping the US is bakery tours. You load up into a bus or van, and they drive you from bakery to bakery, while enjoying treats and often drinks at each stop. Some cities offer walking tours of the same. These tours are generally billed as an all-inclusive event and tend to offer group rates.

For the party girls out there, get perks for partying. Check out organizations like Shecky’s where you can earn points online towards free gifts, and attend their annual Girl’s Night Out trade show events. For as low as $10 you can attend the trade show, receive a goodie bag with high end samples, enjoy free mixed drinks, and take advantage of free makeovers from companies such as Maybelline.

For dinner out, skip the big names with celebrity chefs and look at the local diners. They’re typically cheaper but with the same quality of food and service. You can also look into smart phone apps that allow you to earn points towards coupons for your favorite restaurants. Check into sites like or Foursquare, where you can purchase discount certificates or check-in to earn points respectively.

Daily specials are a girl’s best friend. Make sure to check out the neighborhood bars for the daily specials. Then plan your outing for the day that offers a special you’ll take advantage of. Every bar varies, but generally you’ll find a mix of drink and food specials.

And don’t forget the equally fun Girl’s Night In. Instead of heading to a movie and spending a fortune on the ticket and movie snacks, rent a movie from Redbox or Netflix and stay in. Pop your own popcorn, buy bulk candy at the store, and settle in for a fraction of the cost. You can also pop the cork on that bottle of wine you’ve been eyeing, which most theaters don’t offer.

Get creative, and focus on the fun. Because fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


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