Frugal Living Tips: Having Fun On The Cheap

One of the things we generally cut out of our lives when we’re feeling a cash crunch (which is not NEARLY as awesome as Captain Crunch) is fun. If it’s not absolutely necessary, we don’t do it, because well, that’s how you cut your budget down to live within your means – you trim out excess fats (fats being cash, not trans-fats).

But cutting out unnecessary expenses doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun. In fact, you should budget for some fun money each month if you can. If you can’t, which, *raises hands* totally get, here are some awesome ways to have fun on the cheap (compiled with a little help from Super Teala!):

Check your local music scene to see if local bands are doing shows nearby on the cheap – or free! Music is ALWAYS full of the awesome.

Check your community website or magazine and see what kinds of things are nearby that you’ve never tried. New things are always a good thing to try out – even if you NEVER do them again!

Find some festivals that aren’t too far out of the way and go just to people-watch. Festivals are some of the BEST places to people-watch on the cheap.

Go on a mini-roadtrip to somewhere nearby to catch up with old friends. Use that time to take some pictures and play silly car games with a good friend.

If there’s no cover charge, karaoke is always a great time, even if you don’t sing. And if you wanna belt it out without having to pay 8 bucks a drink, get wasted ahead of time. Just get a designated driver. Driving drunk = bad, kids.

Find a place to watch the sunset and meditate. Or just relax, if meditation is too granola for you.

Do a mobile scavenger hunt with friends. Think of some creative, hilarious pictures you could take with people in the community.

Pack a picnic lunch for the park. Picnics are SORELY underrated. Just don’t forget to pack some bug spray. No one wants to share their lunches with mosquitoes.

Usually local museums have a free day. If you can stand to be in crowds (I can’t), free days are an awesome way to explore your city without breaking the bank.

Have an Ugly Sweater party in the middle of the summer. Just make sure whomever is hosting has air conditioning.

having fun on the cheap

Definitely invite THOSE guys.

Do a movie marathon at home with friends. Bonus points if you go all MST3K on some particularly sappy movie.

Brave the old people and head out to see a Matinee. Or a Manatee. Either one, really.

Get a flash mob together. Then stand outside my house. I’ve been waiting for one for years!

Have a clothes swap with some friends. Bring all the clothes that don’t fit or SO aren’t your style and swap ‘em out for some fresh duds!

Donate your time to a worthwhile cause. Band Back Together, which I run, is always looking for volunteers. Email if’n you want to be a part of a really neat online experience.

Fill out surveys. I’m a HUGE fan of giving my opinions ESPECIALLY when people want to reward me. If you dig that stuff, here are a few survey sites.

having fun on the cheap


having fun on the cheap

Holy schnikes, I just realized how damn boring I am. Sighs. Oh well.

Time for me to explore the community a bit more. I may have grown up here, but I haven’t taken the time to explore a concert in the park in YEARS.


Do you have any ideas for having fun on the cheap?

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