Frugal Living Deals: Travelzoo

I’m about four inches away from stepping outside of my house and driving off into the sunset. Problem is, I don’t exactly know where that would take me and frankly, whether or not I want to be wherever I end up. So when this Travelzoo deal came through, I poured over the damn thing seeing if I could fly anywhere. Turns out? I can. Pretty sweet, right? Not even to boring places like Nebraska.

(sorry Nebraska, you’re not boring, you’re CUTE!)

Trouble is, I’m too lazy to actually book the tickets (I love you, depression) And frankly, when I fly, it’s more of an adventure going through security (it’s like a soft-core without the mood lighting). But there are some awesome deals if you throw ‘em your email address.

And? Bonus?

You get to get groped by security (probably) and there is NOTHING not awesome about that. Except everything. The Travelzoo deals are pretty rad – I suggest you check ‘em out.


Color me IN!


How’s your weekend going, Pranksters? Got anything good to tell me? Any made-up adventures? Because WICKED.

So go sign up if you want – and if you don’t tell me about your wackiest flying experience! I could use the hijinks.

You should be awesome and leave a comment to entertain me AND subscribe to the RSS feed feed. Because OBVIOUSLY.

6 thoughts on “Frugal Living Deals: Travelzoo

  1. You KNOW I’m going to get you to come visit my little town one of these days. Peace and quiet and actual STARS! Can’t beat that!

    I am going to have to check this travel site out!

  2. One time I sat next to a guy on a plane who was mad they took away his contact lens solution, so he spent thirty minutes telling me all the better ways to bring bomb making stuff onboard besides in a contact lens solution bottle. It was fun times for sure (and by fun, I mean terrifying).

  3. The first time I got selected for “special inspection” by the TSA I made them nervous by responding, “Cool!” I calmed them by saying, “Travel is supposed to be about new experiences, right? And this is one I haven’t had yet.” I felt sorry, though, for the guy who had to inspect the whole suitcase full of dirty clothes as this happened on our returning home segment of the trip.

    On another trip the woman who did my pat down was apparently new so she talked herself through the whole thing. That means I got to listen to her say things like, “Touching sensitive area here so using the back of the hand.” Not at all an exciting grope.

  4. Nebraska is pretty damn cute. Except for that one little thing right over there. Avert your eyes, act natural.

    All of my wacky flying adventures are in my dreams and therefore uninteresting to the rest of humanity. But I have missed my flight a record number of five times due to lackadaisical behavior(and I wonder why my kid is such a dawdler).

    Also? Portland is nice this time of year. Or so I’ve heard. Out of my own mouth because I live here. As do two other awesome Band chicks. #justsayin

    • We love I have bekood us 4 star hotels for $50/night in Cincinnati and St. Louis without any issues.My family of 4 went to Chicago a couple of years ago and I found out AFTER that we would have saved hundreds if we had been a member of our local museum. We bought the City Pass for each of us, but instead of paying $60/person it would have cost us about $85 for a membership AND we would have received some discounts for the gift shops. (The City Pass still saves over the full cost of admission, but not more than the membership.)We have also gone zoo hopping on the way to and from visiting relatives. Again, with our zoo membership we get in for free or half-price to most zoos. Check ahead of time to be sure the zoos you are visiting are a part of your zoo’s group. If you are a zoo-loving family than a trip to the zoo is an all day adventure. We usually pack a lunch (even if it means stopping at a local grocery store and buying just enough meat, bread, and produce for the day).

  5. I don’t know if ours counts as very fragul or not, but we’re somewhat lucky in that DH usually has to travel for a month or more every year. Before he goes, I usually make his arrangements so that he stays in a hotel owned by a property of our choice. If that is not possible, I sign him up for the hotel’s reward program before he goes. This works to our advantage in several ways: he gets better perks, rooms, and amenities because he is a valued customer before he arrives and he earns points that we can trade in for future stays or giftcards to retailers, restaurants, and even gas & groceries.His yearly trip usually nets us a couple of free weekends and one week at a moderately priced hotel with free breakfasts and sometimes evening appetizers.Additionally, we use a credit card for all of our monthly expenses (excluding utilities which will not bill to a CC without a fee). We pay the bill in full every month (meaning we have to track our spending on a weekly basis to make sure we are not overspending). This nets us several thousand more points every year.Last year, between points turned in for restaurant gift cards, gas, retailers, and free lodging, we took a one week vacation for our family of three, in addition to two romantic getaway weekends for Mom & Dad only, for less than $100 total.

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