Frugal Living Tips: Easy Stress Busters

Most people think of heart disease as a man’s problem (they’re probably the same folks that assume salad is women’s food and steak is what mean eat), which is why heart disease in women so often goes undetected. Over one third of women in the US will die due to heart disease – pretty scary number, right? There are a number of ways to reduce the risks for heart disease among women, including decreasing stress.

And since I’m learning to live on my own on the cheap –  the whole reason I put this blog together – through research and careful planning, I want to make sure I know how to decrease the one thing I know I am at risk for (familial history) – heart disease – by finding ways to reduce stress on the cheap.

Stress is a normal part of life – we have everyday stresses from sitting in traffic on the way to work to coping with a colicky infant. But when stress is prolonged, it can physically affect us, our hearts, our emotions, and our lives.

Here are some great ways I’ve discovered to bust stress on the cheap:

  • Don’t hit the bottle up – alcohol, while it may feel as though it’s a stress-buster, adds to stress.
  • Don’t say “Yes,” when you mean, “No.”
  • Even if you have to schedule it (which sounds pretty silly), take time each day to relax and do something you enjoy.
  • Clean your house. A clean, decluttered home reduces levels of stress you may not even realize you’re carrying with you.
  • Eat a healthy diet – this can help your body recover from the stress as well as make you feel better physically.
  • Cut off the fat in your life – there are certain things that are very important for your life. Make a list of the most important things, itemize them, then look at the amount of time you’re spending on things that aren’t as important to you.
  • Remember: you can’t control it all. Control yourself, your actions and reactions, and remind yourself that you are responsible for you.
  • Practice better management of time – rather than scurry around from this thing to that, figure out which demands are self-imposed and unnecessary and which are actually going to do you some good.
  • Be realistic about the things you can and cannot do.
  • Keep a positive thought – if things are hard right now, that doesn’t mean they always will be.
  • Get a move on. One of the most important things you can do to bust stress is to get your butt in gear and get moving. Whether it’s a walk around the park or a strict exercise schedule, it’s really important that you get moving and stay moving. Not only does that decrease stress, it also increases levels of endorphins.

And what would a deals site be without a deal?


What are some of the ways you bust stress, Pranksters?

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9 thoughts on “Frugal Living Tips: Easy Stress Busters

  1. Don’t say “Yes,” when you mean, “No.”
    And vice versa! If someone offers you something awesome, don’t be afraid to say, “YES! Thank you!”

    Clean your house.
    Better yet, convince someone else to do it for you. :)

    Best advice I ever got? Choose happiness. Happiness is yours to claim. In almost every situation, I can be happy. Stuck in traffic? Love it. Time to relax and listen to some music. Kid crying? It’s wonderful that he can communicate his feelings, wants to share them with me, and trusts me to help him feel better. I’m not happy 100% of the time, but that’s only because I haven’t perfected it yet. Feeling shitty or angry doesn’t help me. If my teenager is angry, calling me a bitch, telling me she hates me, etc. (Yesterday: “Jesus motherfucking christ I fucking hate you, you stupid fucking bitch”), I can get angry or I can say, “I’m really sorry you feel that way. I love you. I do not appreciate your language, and I’m taking your computer away for the week as a result of that.” Anger won’t help her learn, and won’t help me feel good. So, I’m not doing that any more. Not much, anyway. :)

    • I love these! Anger really doesn’t get you ANYWHERE in life – no matter how good it can feel sometimes. I’m working on that one really hard. I choose happiness and keeping a good thought about my life. Things may be weird right now, but things change. They always do.

  2. As a therapist I’ve prescribed things off this list for clients with stress in their lives. One other that I can think of is write it out. In a journal, on your blog, to a loved one or even on Band Back Together. Sharing what stresses us and leaving it on the page can be cathartic.

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