Dream Big

One of the most important things to remember while trying to live a frugal life, I’m learning, is to allow yourself the opportunity to dream – and dream big. It’s so easy to get bogged down in “debt this,” and “plan for that,” and “you’re doing it wrong, NO, do it THIS way!” that we forget that we are allowed to have dreams. Those big dreams, while not attainable perhaps THIS VERY MOMENT, they are there and we should never give up on them.

dream big

Maybe that’s the soon-to-be-divorced in me talking, or maybe it’s the truth.

Maybe we all get so caught up in the day-to-day drudgery of paying bills, feeling like it’s never enough, fearing that the next big disaster is lurking right around the corner that we worry we’re going to fail – and fail miserably. We fear this so much that we forget that dreams, well, sometimes they do come true. Even the big dreams.

Sure, there will always be the uncertainty of the future looming around the next corner, but that’s a (HUGE) part of life – the roller-coaster bits. And while we should – and do – prepare for those moments, we cannot lose sight of the dreams we have. Maybe your dream is to take a backpacking trip around the world. Maybe it’s not. Maybe your dream is to be able to wake up, not riddled with anxiety (that’d be one of my big dreams). Maybe it’s not. Maybe your dream is to take over the world, one letter at a time. Maybe it’s not.

Whatever your dreams may be, they’re yours and they should be nurtured.

Everyone needs a goal to work toward, whether it be to get on your feet alone post-divorce, to travel the world, or simply be able to enjoy a nice walk along the river – I can’t tell you what your dream is. I can only tell you mine.

I want to be able to become self-sufficient enough to do the things that bring me the greatest of joy. I want to see the smiling faces of my children and know that I’m doing the right thing. I want to travel. I want to go to the Farmer’s Market and explore what my beautiful city has to offer. I want to smile, knowing that while I’m starting over, that isn’t a death sentence, it’s a chance at a new life. And that, too, is coming.

And I will.

I will never lose sight of this dream or any other. Not again. Not ever.

And one day? One day, I will go here:

dream big

That is my dream. And not just because there’s a picture of a majestic wolf wearing kicky shades.

Until then, I will simply read about Alaska, learning what there is to know, and knowing that someday, I will see it for myself.


So, Pranksters, what’s YOUR dream?

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9 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I dream of a full night sleep, of someday having grandchildren and that my son will do better with the opportunities presented to himself than I. That and I want new synthesizer. A really really expensive synthesizer.

  2. I dream to someday relate to other humans in a way that doesn’t make me want to beat the living shit out of them with a coat-hanger, ala Mommy Dearest.

    That dream will continue to elude me, while I step down from Cymbalta, for the meantime.

  3. You MUST go to Alaska some day. Ditto what Joules said. #heavenonearth

    I dream of traveling (and believe it or not, taking my kids with me). I want to see more of the world and share it with my family.

    • These are great ideas! I have already made my list & gehatred some supplies as we are making all our gifts this year! No-sew fleece blankets for 3 of our 8 siblings, homemade bath fizzies & loofahs for the other 5 & canned yumminess & baked goods for everyone else!Thanks for a great post! Good to know I’m not the only one planning ahead for December! :)

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